If you’ve got a green thumb, tuck a flower arranging workstation equipped for assembling bouquets of fresh-cut flowers or potting plants in your garage, basement, or shed.


Flower arranging station

Choose a spot for your flower arranging station on a wall with plumbing so you can install a sink for washing out vases and pots and creating floral arrangements. Place a large fatigue mat in front of the sink to provide cushioning for your back when standing for long periods at the sink.


Vases on shelf

Keep a variety of vases in different sizes, shapes, and colors on a shelf within easy reach.


Supplies on towel bar

A metal rail provides an adaptable system of storage with a variety of platforms, hanging containers, and hooks.


Supplies on towel bar and magnetic strip

Use all the vertical space that you have. In addition to hanging shelves and adaptable rods to suspend components that can be changed or augmented to fit your needs, add a magnetic strip and hooks to hang flower arranging tools.


Wire rack on wall

Wire shelving on the left side of the faucet offers a decorative balance to the shelf and rail on the right.


Supplies on wire rack

The shallow 3-tier rack holds a lot in a small space above your flower arranging station. More vase options, twine, floral food, a small watering can, and flower frogs, all find a home here. Dangle additional tools and supplies from the bottom shelf with s-hooks.


Drying mat for vases 1

Include a drying mat at one side of the sink to drain washed vases.


Cart with floral supplies

This sturdy cart for tools and supplies can be moved from your workstation to other areas of your home and yard as needed. It tucks safely out of the way when not in use.


Thanks to IKEA for participating in this project.

Products that may be of interest:

From IKEA—Grundtal rail, Grundtal rail shelf, Grundtal utensil holder, Grundtal container, Grundtal s-hooks, Grundtal magnetic knife rack, Grundtal shelf and brackets, Raskog utility cart, Ensidig vase, Snartig bud vase, Drala chopping boards, dishwashing brush

From Amazon—Stainless steel sink, commercial faucet, Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap, Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap, Nutscene green garden twine, floral tape, ikebana shears, paper towel holder, ceramic owl, string holder (similar), rectangle glass vase, dish drying mat, plant food single packets, liquid plant food, leaf shine, fatigue mat (similar)

From Vintage Chic Trading Co.—Wire shelf



Photography by Chris Hennessey

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