If you’re not fortunate enough to have a linen closet or built-in cabinetry in your bathroom, freestanding casework may be just the answer to your storage needs. Choose a piece in a pretty color for a bit of decorative flair. Opt for one that has both closed cupboards and drawers for your private stashes as well as a few open shelves for items that are pretty as well as practical.


Bath towels and apothecary jars

Use clear glass apothecary jars to store bathroom essentials such as cotton balls and swabs. They’re so pretty and you’ll always know when you’re running low.


Lazy susan bath organization

Don’t pile small items in drawers where you’ll have to root around to find what you want. Instead, place them on a series of graduated cake pedestals set upon a lazy Susan turntable. A quick spin brings those little items within reach.


Tiered shelf behind curtain

A jaunty striped curtain hung on a tension rod creates another private stash zone. Behind the drape, a tiered kitchen rack finds itself just as useful in the bath. It’s the ideal way to keep an array of small bottles and jars visible.


Undershelf basket

Make the most of dead vertical space with a slide-on under-shelf bin that’s just the right size for a small plastic basket. It’s a tidy idea that fills the shelving while avoiding awkward stacks.


Organized bath towels

A decorative wood shelf bracket, made even prettier with patterned paper, gets a new post as a shelf divider. Placed upright between linens, it creates support for piles of folded towels.


Toilet paper basket storage

Make a virtue of necessity with pretty patterned bins, buckets, baskets, and totes. They offer a contrasting splash of color and keep necessities like toilet paper rolls handy and attractively stowed.


Labeled baskets on cart

Give everyone who uses the bathroom his or her own labeled and lined basket filled with personal essentials. Place them atop the cabinet until needed. When ready to use, the baskets can be popped onto a cart and rolled to the sink or tub.


Guest toiletries bucket on hook

Dress up a small galvanized pail with a pretty coordinating fabric applied with Mod Podge. Fill it with face towels and hang it from a hook next to the sink. Or attach a chalkboard label to the front for a guest’s name and fill it with travel-size toiletry essentials and linens.


Bathroom cabinet storage ideas

This bathroom cabinet takes up a small footprint in a modest space but yields a surprising amount of storage capacity for all the small grooming needs and bath supplies you need to keep on hand. Let us know what you think and how you’ve squeezed extra storage space into your small bath.


Green Nadeau cabinet from Furniturewithasoul.com

Produced by Jodi Harris

Photographed by Nicolaus Gourguechon


© Caruth Studio

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