If you’re feeling a little mid holiday season slump or early winter cabin fever, give yourself a sense of purpose by resolving to bring a bit of organization into your life. In the evenings, while you’re watching a movie or listening to tunes or an audio book, pull out a disorganized drawer and give it a storage makeover with dividers, trays, or baskets. A little clutter control at a time can add up to a fulfilled resolution to cut the chaos in every room of your home.


Junk drawer before

From mess to success. Get an immediate sense of satisfaction with a quick clean-up of your junk drawer (c’mon, we all know you have one). Start by sorting this one jumble and you’ll feel empowered to continue throughout your home.


Junk drawer after

Divide and conquer. Start by emptying everything out, sort like items together, and toss anything you don’t need or have in multiples (post office rubber bands, anyone?). Then, divide the drawer into compartments that fit the dimensions of your stuff. Use a cutlery tray, drawer dividers, or even a few old jewelry or checkbook boxes to sort the space. Fill with your necessities and enjoy the sensation of a job well done.


Kitchen cutlery drawer

If the cutlery drawer in your kitchen is a mass of mixed flatware, put things in order with an expandable cutlery tray. This bamboo example makes the most of wide drawers with ample dividers for each kind of utensil. Easy-peasy.


Kitchen utensil drawer

If your potato masher keeps getting tangled up with your can opener, this is the system for you. Dividers can be configured to fit your drawer and the kind of implements you want to organize. Sort of like fitting together a puzzle.


Kitchen container storage

Say goodbye to stacks of nested and mismatched tubs and lids—especially those stored overhead ready to tumble out whenever you reach for something. This handy setup creates space for you to organize containers neatly in a tidy drawer. Can’t improve on that.

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Bar drawer

A good bartender relies on having his or her tools handy. Keep your well-stocked bar drawer neat with a basket for the small fiddly utensils, another for bar towels, napkins in a caddy or rolled on tubes (no creases!), and picks in hinged tins (paint an old Altoids tin—they’re just the right size).
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Game media room drawer

Game night is a cinch when all the little bits and bobs are kept sorted in a family or media room console drawer. Keep small gaming pieces, scoring pads, pencils, and playing cards tucked away in a drawer organized with inserts, trays, bowls, or drawer dividers. We’ve even pressed a vintage wine coaster and old jello mold into service.

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Desk drawer in closet office

Deep drawers are a boon to a small office but only as long as you keep clutter at bay. Keep chaos in check with a tray or divider to hold small items. Keep small tech devices in cases that corral adapter, charging cords, and earphones in one place. Put only what you need immediately in desk drawers. Place bulk supplies and refills in a closet or cupboard.

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Gift wrap drawer

Baskets and boxes are your best friends when organizing a drawer of gift wrap supplies. Rolls of paper require a long drawer, which means you’ll want to divide up that large space to keep things neat. With everything in odd sizes, deeper baskets hold spools of ribbon, gift bags, tissue paper, and bows. Gift tags, tape, scissors and more should be stored in a handled basket that can be transported to your table or work space.


Bath cabinet drawer

Prevent all those little bathroom necessities from piling up in a drawer. Colorful divided drawer organizers, in a pretty print, keep smaller items such as nail polish, nail brushes, lipsticks, and moisturizers gathered together.
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Guest bedroom drawer

Ensure your guests have everything they need by stocking a dresser drawer with any essentials they may have forgotten to pack. An expandable cutlery tray can help to keep supplies tidy and visible. Purchase travel-size toiletries and containers at discount and drug stores.

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