Formerly an in-kitchen laundry closet, this little nook brings big entertainment value to a small kitchen.

In-kitchen laundry closet

I’m not one to keep my family washing tidy at all times so the idea of a laundry in a highly visible area like the kitchen was not appealing to me. Add to that, the smell of detergent (not to mention boy’s dirty athletic wear) competing with the scents of baking and cooking was not an appetizing idea.

Closet bar before

When we moved in and removed the hanging cabinet, we realized that with the plumbing and electrical already in place, this would be the ideal spot for a beverage center, complete with storage for glasses, a bar sink and wine fridge (the laundry was relocated to a room in the basement). Just what we needed in our mission to make the kitchen area entertainment-friendly.

Beverage center stocked with drinkware and beverages

We opted for cherry cabinets to match the existing ones in our kitchen. We found them through Shenandoah Cabinetry at Lowe’s. Seeded glass doors in the upper cabinets and a white subway tile backsplash helped to break up all the wood.


On one side of the countertop, we placed the supplies and appliances for making a fresh pot of coffee or tea—the morning side, if you will.

Beverage decanters on center counter

The other side is devoted to what you might call the night life—wines and liquors.

crystal decanters

Decanters gather on an antique silver tray, a handmade granite wine server stands ready to pour a favorite vintage and cocktail napkins are convenient in a small holder. A glass canister of pistachios keeps an instant snack at hand.

Beverage center sink

Nothing beats a bar sink for washing up delicate crystal glasses and drink mixing utensils. Shelves above hold a variety of glassware.

organized drink accessories in a drawer organizer

A drawer divider keeps all the utensils sorted and tidy.

fully stocked wine fridge

One of the best investments in our kitchen update was a small wine fridge. We aren’t big collectors but it is nice to have a selection of reds and whites always available and at the right temperature.

fully stocked booze cabinet

Although we have a group of decanters on the countertop and a bar cart with other basics in the dining room, the cupboard under the sink is a useful spot to stash specialty liqueurs and mixers.

overall of transformed no longer laudry space now fully loaded beverage bar

The other cupboard to the right contains additional barware and supplies. The narrow cabinet at the end is the ideal size for platters and trays for serving.
We also picked out hardware we liked to replace all the pulls and knobs throughout the kitchen and further blend the cupboards.

With the space finished, we expanded our storage area in the kitchen and now have a dedicated spot to make our morning coffee and well as pouring a drink at the end of a long day. Mission accomplished.

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