Invest in a good-looking rolling cart and you have a practical way to organize a small bathroom—instantly!

Bath card with sink and mirror

Oh-so-charming pedestal sinks leave something to be desired when it comes to bathroom storage. Create a mobile vanity from a sturdy utility cart decked out to serve your grooming needs.

Makeup organizer on bath cart

Roll it into the bedroom or living room if you feel like putting on your face in front of the TV.

Bath cart shelves

The good news? You can steer this vanity-on-wheels from the sink to the shower to wherever you need your grooming gear. The bad news? Every single item will be on display. Corral those cosmetics in trays that keep brushes, bottles and tubes upright and easy to find.

Towels and paper in basket on bath cart

Stack your fluffiest towels on the lower shelf. Include a long, low basket to keep paper goods ready to roll into action.

Toiletries on bath cart

While it may be fun to display cosmetics (they come in such chic packaging!), other sundries probably work better under cover. Visit your favorite crafting store to find a bevy of baskets ready to embrace lotions, loofahs, combs, brushes and anything else that doesn’t rate prime real estate. Disguise facial tissues with a chic dispenser. Artwork under glass adds splatter-proof style.

Bath cart overall

Portable and adaptable, this bar cart is a vital supporting player in a small bath. If your needs change, though, it can take on a new role in a different room. It’s a can’t-fail decor option!

Photography by Chris Hennessey

© Caruth Studio

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