Portable and adaptable, this simply-designed bar cart is a vital supporting player in a small home office.

Cart for home office

Thanks to a 21st-century laptop and smartphone (and voice-controlled electronics, if you’re lucky), you can work anywhere in your home that combines good lighting with comfy seating. Wheel key supplies along for the ride with a mobile office cart organized to keep you productive.

Top shelf of home office cart

Consider the cart an annex to your workstation and keep key supplies at your beck and call. Use the top shelf for reference books and hanging files.

Bottom shelf of home office cart

The bottom shelf warehouses cardboard drawers filled with everything from sticky notes to your stash of cords and chargers.

Magazine holders on home office cart

When a wheeled cart comes with sides, magazine holders won’t slide off as it moves. Mix and match colors and patterns so it’s more fun to organize instruction manuals, trade journals and newsstand specials.

Home office with cart

Invest in a good-looking rolling cart and you have a practical way to organize a home office, a bath or a living room—instantly!

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