Get ready for spring holidays, family events, and impromptu gatherings with this simple stash. Stock a cupboard or closet with essential items to help make your party planning a breeze.

Party_pantry overall

It’s just so convenient to have a few disposable plates, a tray or two and some paper napkins stashed together to serve a few nibbles to guests who’ve unexpectedly dropped by.
Keep in mind that you don’t need to devote a lot of space to a party pantry. You may already have many things for larger-scale entertaining tucked away in your cupboards: cake plates, chargers, drink dispensers, etc. in basic white ceramic and clear glass. For the party pantry, a shelf, a few cubbies, or even a large bin can hold the festive and colorful disposable stuff you want to have on hand.

Party_pantry cubby

To maintain order, use containers to sort items together: serving and decorative pieces, disposable flatware, kids’ party items, and small things like birthday candles. We like wire baskets because they corral supplies without hiding them, but lined woven baskets would also present a neat appearance on an open shelf.

Party_pantry plates and cups

Be thrifty. When you’re shopping at discount or dollar stores, look for inexpensive or sale items that can boost your stash and be used year round: solid color and simply patterned paper or melamine plates and napkins, plain trays, clear serving pieces and sturdy drink cups. Keep your eyes peeled for anything that will fit the color schemes or themes of your supplies and you’ll build a stock of items over time and on the cheap.

napkins and straws and plates in cubby

Don’t forget to include a few decorative items, such as paper lanterns, honeycomb or pompoms to create a party atmosphere. Colorful runners and tablecloths can jazz up basic table linens, too.

napkins straws and plastic cutlery in baskets

Simplify entertaining by sorting your party supplies by theme or by a color scheme such as the pink and orange palette here. That way it’s the work of a moment to pull a coordinated group of things out for a spontaneous get-together.


Party favors, candles in various colors or sizes, noisemakers, and balloons are especially handy to keep in your pantry if you entertain children. But don’t sell a playful group of adults short, either!


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