A Blue Pom-Pom Birdie makes the perfect little gift or party favor for any holiday or springtime event. Stack two pom-poms to make a tweet-worthy birdie. (Don’t know how to make pom-poms? Check out this how-to.) Tuck your sweet little songbird into a faux nest. Then, decorate gifts with color-coordinated pom-pom “bows” and add tassels to custom gift tags. Here’s how to make the little bird.

What You’ll Need


Pom-pom bluebird

Make the larger 3” pom for the body of the pom-pom birdie. About a quarter way through wrapping the blue yarn on the one side, fill in with white. Finish the pom on the other size using blue. Leave the thread tails long.

Make a second pom in all blue for the 2” size, also leaving the thread tails long. This is the head for your pom-pom birdie. Connect the two poms using the waxed thread tails, knotting them together.

Trim as desired. Cut a small ½-inch diamond shape from the mustard felt for the beak. Fold in half and iron the crease. Attach with hot glue gun.

Next, place the eyes as desired and attach with glue gun (tweezers might help).

And there you have it. A “feathered” friend that’ll bring charm to any spring soiree.


Photography by Jay Wilde
Produced by Katie Leporte


© Caruth Studio

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