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Entry with painted furniture

Easy DIY Ideas: A Painted Entry

Tired of living with the same old furniture? Or are you dying to bring salvaged pieces back to life? Then try these super-fun DIY ideas!

Orange and coral living room

Easy Makeovers: A Coral Color Scheme

Brights light up any space that begins with a tranquil neutral foundation. With accent pieces inspired by an artwork’s vivid splashes of color, this formerly quiet living room…

Detail of painted projects

DIY Paint Makeovers: Easy Accent Ideas

From sunny chevrons to sassy stenciled blooms, these decor accent paint projects are guaranteed to make you pattern happy.   Bright without going neon, the fresh juicy colors…

Color of the Year Greenery

Easy DIY Ideas: Color of the Year Room Refresh

In my home, every January after the holiday decorations come down, the rooms look a little flat and barren. This year, I’m injecting a fresh vibe with a…

Blue, Yellow and Neutral living room detail

Decorating Makeover: Add Color in Three Easy Stages

Decorating shouldn’t be intimidating, but it can seem overwhelming if you’re contemplating a whole-room redo all at once. Give yourself a break and the permission to go about…

Bowl of fabric scraps

Easy DIY Ideas: Fabric Scrap Projects

Waste not, want not! Gather up a stash of fabric leftovers to fashion fun and stylish items for your home. Sweeten up a simple white lampshade (or camouflage…

Painted room projects

Easy Paint Projects: Geometry Lessons

A whole new look for walls, furniture, and accents is often just a paintbrush away. For our mini makeovers we chose a primary palette of sunny yellow, deep…