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Autumn porch party

Entertaining Ideas: Giving Thanks

While you’re enjoying not only delicious food and pleasant company but also the efforts to make the holiday feast lovely and meaningful, don’t forget to

Bouquet of fall leaves

Entertaining Ideas: Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Create a bit of drama on your Thanksgiving table with one of these easy-to-assemble centerpieces.   This elegant yet playful look is as simple as it gets. Fall…

Fall tablescape

Entertaining Ideas: A Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

Put together a simple and elegant thanksgiving tablescape with these easy ideas using things you may already have on hand.   I don’t know about you, but one…

Budget-Friendly Makeovers: A Small Dining Room Redo

See how a savvy homeowner turned an underused pass-through space into an inviting and functional dining area. In Jade Fox’s small home, the front door opens into one…

Florist roses at market

Super Simple Supermarket Florals

Nothing perks a home up more, indoors or out, like fresh flowers. If you lack the luxury of a cutting garden, look down your grocer’s produce aisle. Cut…

Set a Sensational Christmas Table

After you’ve attended holiday services, exchanged gifts, and watched umpteen holiday movies, Christmas dinner can seem almost anticlimactic. Give this special feast its due with a table setting…