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Paint marker bathroom

Easy DIY Ideas: Paint Marker Bathroom

This bathroom may look swathed in pricey wallpaper and custom touches, but the fanciful florals, enchanting mirror and freshened knobs are surprisingly achievable with—get this!—a pile of

Folk art dining room

Easy DIY Ideas: Folk-Art Style Dining Room

Folk art reminds us of just how creative and colorful we can be as part of the American melting pot. Pay tribute to an Eastern European background with…

Glass totem in border

DIY Garden Ideas: Glittering Glass Accents

Give your garden some glimmer and glam with accents made from glass and ceramics.   Summer may be winding down but there’s still plenty of time to add…

Blue floral bedroom elements

Easy DIY Ideas: Make a Clay Jewelry Dish

Who doesn’t need a bedside spot to stash your baubles? Create a quick storage accent for your bedroom with this easy clay jewelry dish project. Adapt our design…

Home Basics: How to Choose Stone or Tile Flooring

Looking for a timeless flooring option? Let us help you choose the best stone or tile flooring that suits your lifestyle and budget.   Stone If you want…

Mosaic steppingstone

Make a Mosaic Steppingstone

Piece by piece, press chipped china and tattered tiles into service to add color and whimsy in the great outdoors. Here are the steps to get you through…

Decorate a Lovable Mug for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a cute and quick, but useful Valentine’s Day gift? Decorating a ceramic mug for a friend or lover is doable for even the most craft-challenged artist….