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Weekend Getaway: Small Town Charms

Fall is a great time to plan a quick getaway. The weather is crisp, the crowds are smaller and it’s a welcome break before the holiday season gets underway. Check out some of our favorite destinations for a short trip with your best friends or SO. Spend a couple of days along

Entertaining Ideas: Fall for Autumn Parties

Autumn entertaining is a cinch. Freshly harvested produce, fall events such as cider pressing and football games along with cooler temperatures combine to offer an array of

Entertaining Ideas: Rustic Party Food

It’s your turn to host the book club, and you want to be sure this fall gathering makes everyone’s top 10 list. Think beyond the living room and…

Entertaining Ideas: Top Shelf Salsas

Salsas are always a hit on an appetizer buffet or antipasto tray. This holiday season, try a fresh alternative to the jarred stuff that’s loaded with sodium and…

Easy Holiday Nibbles

Entertaining during the holidays should be a joy for the host or hostess as well as guests. Whether you’re accommodating a crowd for several days or throwing one…

An Antiquing Weekend in Galena: Friday

A weekend in Galena, Illinois is like a step back in time. Formerly a bustling 19th century Mississippi port city, the small town is now a destination rich…

It’s Time to Tailgate: Feeding the Fans

Summer may seem like the best time to plan outdoor events but fall has it’s own benefits to offer: cooler weather, fewer bugs, an encouragement to snuggle. Take…

Texas in the Fall: The State Fair

If you find yourself in Dallas any time during the run of the State Fair of Texas, you have to head to the big event at Fair Park….