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Bedroom with pattern

3-Step Color: A Bedroom with Personality

There’s no doubt that the most intriguing rooms are a pleasing play of color, pattern and texture: a multilayered mix that gratifies both the eye and the soul. Power up…

Arbor to backyard

Garden Tour: Creating Depth in a Small Garden

Classic charm keeps this New England coastal small garden in constant form. Hidden surprises, private spots, and plantings reveal the space with each step down the garden path….

Hemerocallis plants

Garden Solutions: Annuals, Perennials, and Shrubs for Shade

A shade garden offers a wonderful respite from the sun, giving a cool feeling even at the height of summer. These gorgeous, easy-care and waterwise shady ladies are…

Tough perennials for challenging gardens

Garden Solutions: Plants for Problem Spaces

When life hands you a nightmare gardening space, turn it into a dream come true with these helpful perennial plants. We’ve got ideas for plantings near concrete, in…

Painted room projects

Easy Paint Projects: Geometry Lessons

A whole new look for walls, furniture, and accents is often just a paintbrush away. For our mini makeovers we chose a primary palette of sunny yellow, deep…

Painted desk

Create an Office Niche

While we don’t all have the luxury of a dedicated office in our homes, it’s possible to fashion a functional workspace within a small footprint in a living…