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Koi farm

Garden Tour: A Home-Grown Koi Farm

An eastern Iowa couple carves out a life and a business amid gardens, salvaged-wood buildings, and ponds brimming with colorful koi.   Rural homeowners, gardeners, and entrepreneurs Greg…

Koi pond

Garden Tour: Our Focal-Point Pond

Once home to a nearly dead maple tree, our backyard pond enlivens the landscape and beckons visitors of various species.   Before the tree was removed, the landscaping…

Finished pond

DIY Garden Project: Making a Focal-Point Pond

Few garden focal points are as hard-working as a pond. The sounds masks neighborhood noise, the water invites wildlife, and the sight draws all eyes.   When we…


DIY Garden Project: Building a Pond, Part 4

We did it! From start to finish, it took roughly two weeks to turn a ho-hum backyard into a beguiling oasis complete with a landscaped pond and new patio….

DIY Garden Project: Building a Pond, Part 3

Our pond is set up and ready for everything that makes it work, ties it to the home, and enhances the landscape. The power we need runs through…

DIY Garden Project: Building a Pond, Part 2

Digging the hole is only the beginning of our pond project. Now it’s time to place and connect all the components that will turn this crater into a…

The crew digs around the tree stump

DIY Garden Project: Building an In-Ground Pond

There’s nothing like the soothing sound of water to add a relaxed atmosphere to a backyard. A pond welcomes wildlife, supports aquatic plants, and helps to mask the…