Covering roughly 25 miles in southeast Texas, the Texas Antiques Week runs along a stretch of Highway 237 from Brenham to LaGrange. In April and October, thousands of vendors in tents, pavilions, old buildings, and fields turn hamlets like Round Top (population: 90) and Warrenton into bustling, traffic-clogged meccas for designers, dealers, and treasure-hunters from all over the world. There are roughly 60 show venues within the area, each operated by different owners. The thrill of the hunt just doesn’t get any better than this.


With thousands of vendors spread out along the highway that runs through the unincorporated town of Warrenton, it’s impossible to see it all in one day or even two. There is an enormous amount of ground to cover here so be prepared for a long day on your feet. Park centrally if you can (the Old Gin parking field is our favorite) so that you can make purchase drop-offs periodically. Then work your way through the fields to the north in the morning and on the south side in the afternoon.


Excess Field, on the north end of Warrenton, is the place to go for industrial junk and furnishings. From raw materials to amazing lamps, tables, cabinets, and architectural salvage, three massive metal sheds house it all. It’s pure eye candy for the factory fashionista.


Furnish a unique dining room.


Or create a lux living room with a warehouse vibe.


Looking at the many inspiring booths reminded us that decorating with vintage should never be static. Change displays with the seasons or as you acquire new things and edit to allow each treasure to shine.


South of the Warrenton Grocery sprawls a rabbit-warren of vendors in small tents, wooden pavilions, and open air tables. Whatever you collect (grain sacks, anyone?), chances are you’ll find it here. And the pattern repeats on the other side of the highway. It’s visual overload but in a way that excites and stimulates.


Sweet Pea Collection specializes in tabletop, furniture, and luxury bedding above. We always come away from this open-air pavilion with lots of ideas.

The Sweet Pea Collection
119 E Tyler St, Athens, TX


Work your way from there through the hundreds of vendors at Zapp Field, Renck Field, Tin Star Field, Bar W Field, and North Gate.


It’s impossible to see everything in the acres of tent cities you’ll walk through, but there are wonderful finds no matter where you look. Some vendors specialize in certain kinds of vintage items, others offer a broad range. We’re suckers for any railroad collectibles and this little beauty caught our eyes among other vintage toys.


Fields of tents and booths line Highway 237 between the bigger venues as well during the week. Gems like this inspiring table setting can be found throughout so keep your eyes open and your bargaining skills honed.

Just FYI

Stay awhile: Book a hotel within a 35-mile radius to avoid spending your days on the road. Hundreds of thousands of visitors descend on the small towns of the area, so it’s helpful to plan your trip early to get a choice of accommodations. The larger communities like Brenham, Columbus, and LaGrange will have a broader selection of lodging. To start your search, check out

It’s not just fair food: For delectable BBQ brisket stop at the Legal Tender Saloon in Warrenton or try a tasty salad just up the road at Royer’s Zapp Hall or dine at Royer’s Round Top Cafe on the square in Round Top. And if you’ve spent any time in Texas you must love the burgers at Whataburger just south of town.

Lots of lots: Parking is never a problem at the venues. Entire pastures are opened up for an average cost of $5 per day. Most fields set aside room for parking RVs and larger trucks if you’re hauling on big wheels.

Transporting your load: If you find that your shopping exceeds your vehicle capacity, there are on-site shipping companies that will pick up and deliver your goods. For do-it-yourselfers, rental trailers and trucks are available but book up quickly.

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